Spring 2020

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Open ||: Beginning, End :|| - Live @ Strenge Kammer Porgy&Bess Wien

Ángela Tröndle - vocals, loops, piano, photography
Magdalena Zenz - violin
Johanna Kugler - violin
Simon Schellnegger - viola
Carles Muñoz Camarero - cello


Ángela Tröndle & Pippo Corvino live on July 19th 2018 at the "wellenklaenge festival" in Lower Austria
Copyright Theresa Pewal // find high-resolution-pictures in the Gallery

January 2017:

New Album "Getting Out of the Envelopes" OUT NOW!

June 2016


January 2016

live @ Porgy&Bess December 2nd, 2015

Fall 2015


After a great summer autumn will bring concerts with the Little band from Gingerland in austria but also abroads (Hungary, Finland, Croatia), 2 concerts with Alfred Goubran in Carinthia and Vienna as well as a new music & film - project with Daniel Domig, it will be played at the Herbstklangfestival 2014 in Vienna. For Details CLICK HIER

Ángela Tröndle live @ Popfest Wien, balcony of the Wien Museum at Karlsplatz

April 2014

RELEASE: 09.05.2014 cracked anegg records

Ángela Tröndle – vocals, keys, electronics, shruti-box
Sophie Abraham - cello, vocals, ukulele
Siegmar Brecher - bassclarinet, vocals
Philipp Kopmajer - drums, percussion

'Come on in, Sir Prise! Come be my guest! You want some wine, some food - or maybe just a little rest?'

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January 18, 2014

New Videos online!
LUNA*LAB on BalconyTV Vienna
LUNA*LAB live @ Postgarage Graz 2013

Sept 20, 2013

L U N A * L A B
RELEASE: 20.09.2013
Session Work Records

Ángela Tröndle – vocals, keys
Wolfgang Zamastil - songwriting, vocals, instruments
Tobias Bilz - drums

Siegmar Brecher (bassclarinet), Valentin Czihak (vocals), Tim Kroker (electronics), Jan Terstegen (guitar)

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ALBUM on iTunes

July 12, 2013

On July 12th my new band LUNA*LAB will release a first SINGLE: the song EMPTY CHAIRS will be available on all important download platforms - for example on amazon .
The album CALLING will be released on September 20th 2013 at Session Work Records.

December 17, 2012

I'm looking back on some very fulfilling and exciting months including concerts with the Little band from Gingerland in Vienna, Kärnten, Tirol and Munich, as well as the world-premiere of our performance-piece SPiEL:DiEDA on Novmeber 30 at the Arnulf Rainer Museum in Baden, where we also made a video of: SPiEL:DiEDA . On December 14th we played our last an 26th Gingerland-concert for 2012 in the very nice viennese jazzclub ZWE. I've been also working on my new Pop-Project LUNA*LAB, a collaboration with the songwriter Wolfgang Zamastil, we are working on our first album that we plan to release in 2013. You can watch a mini-preview-Video, and the LIVE-premiere of LUNA*LAB in a small, acoustic setting together with guitar-player Andreas Fürstner will be on:
Friday, 11th of January 2013, "Dom im Berg" GRAZ at the "Jazzredoute".

October 21, 2012

Here is a little video I made: it is a preview for an upcoming performance-piece:

September 29th, 2012

I've been working on very different things this summer, like my new pop-project together with the great singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wolfgang Zamastil , we've been recording several songs in Cologne and now are working on the mix. I was also very lucky to work with the salzburg-based dancer Mirjam Klebel. I composed and recorded an audio-track for her solo-dance-piece "BLICKSCHICHTEN" that will be performed in October and December 2012 in Salzburg.
Here is a little audio-preview:

February 16th, 2012

The little band from Gingerland
RELEASE: March 9 2012

Ángela Tröndle – vocals, piano, effects
Sophie Abraham - cello, vocals, loops

Siegmar Brecher (bassclarinet) / Philipp Kopmajer (percussion, vocals)

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Press-review: MICA

January 15th, 2012

Good news for the new year! The work on the first album of "The Little Band from Gingerland"
is almost done! After a great time in the studio in December we've been working on the layout the past weeks, the Release will be in the beginning of march (cracked anegg records).
For CD-Release dates click HERE

Also I would like to show you a new video:
Here is my very special version of Paul McCartney's "Blackbird", recorded on October 20th 2011 in the Austrian radio-show "Nachtquartier" (Ö1), where I was the guest of Helmut Jasbar, who you can hear on the guitar.

August 18th, 2011

After some very relaxing summerweeks I'm back with some news for you! For example a brandnew video, that I recorded while singing choir with myself!
I wrote the lyrics to "deep dark green" this July at the lake "Packer Stausee" in Styria.

Also, there are some concerts coming up with The little band from Gingerland :
Find more info here

August 24 - 19.30h - Generalihof Graz
September 02 - 14.00h - Montmartre Festival Wien Türkenschanzpark
September 23- 19.00h - Straßengler Herbstklänge, Judendorf-Straßengel
September 24 - 20.00h - Mikes Werkstatt Wien
September 29 - 19.00h - Galerie Mana Wien
Oktober 01- 21.30h - Jeunesse Tag im MQ Wien

I hope to see you there!

MOSAIK + Strings on Tour!

Februar 24, 2011 - 20.30h @  Porgy & Bess Wien
February 25, 2011 - 20.00h @ 
Kulturforum Amthof Feldkirchen

November 1st, 2010

After a relaxing summer and a great tour to China in early October, where we were playing 4 concerts with MOSAIK in Beijing at the Nine Gates Jazzfestival, I'd like to inform you about my next concert:

On November 20th I'll be part of a CD-Release concert of the ensemble Akrostichon, conducted by Michael Lagger; it will be taking place at the Orpheum Extra in Graz, Austria, and we will feature the Austrian vibraphone-player Flip Philipp.

A few weeks ago i got the surprising message, that I'll be getting a scholarship as well as an appreciation-price by the austrian ministry of science and research! I'm very happy about this support!

And last, but not least a LIVE-video of my band MOSAIK, recorded in April at the ORF studio in Vienna:
"Snapshot No.1" is a composition, that I wrote in February 2010 in Vienna.
You can watch more videos on my Youtube-Channel, amongst others a live recording of our last concert in Mexico City in March 2010.

Jannuary, 19th 2010
Welcome to my website, welcome to the new year, that brings some good news! I am looking back on a very exciting year of 2009, but also looking foreward to many new musical activities 2010. Especially the release of my second album:

Ángela Tröndle & MOSAIK plus strings

cracked anegg records
Release February 12, 2010
listen & order

August 28, 2009
After a very exciting summer I am back with some news:
In the first 2 weeks of september I will be recording the second album with my band Ángela Tröndle & MOSAIK in Studio Weinberg in Upper Austria. In the past days we spent our time rehearsing the new program, which is going to be partly songs for the quintet only but also new compositions where we will feature a stringquartet . I'm very happy to have the chance to work with those 4 very talented musicians who enrich my music a lot with their sounds and energy.
The album will be released in early 2010 at cracked anegg records.

I am also happy to annonce, that the Styrian Government provided me a working studio for the rest of the year 2009 in the RONDO Graz.

January 20, 2009
I am very happy to announce, that my ensemble Ángela Tröndle & MOSAIK has been selected for the New Austrian Sound of Music 2009/10 , a supportingprogramm by the music information center austria and the foreign ministry of austria, that will support us in concerts abroad.

Click here for selected ENGLISH PRESS

On December 22nd,23rd & 24th 2008 at 9.45h a.m.
I will be part of the radioshow "Radiokolleg / Musikviertelstunde" on Radio Österreich 1 talking about my personal dreams and wishes. Read more on the Ö 1 Homepage

November 3rd 08
A brief summary of what happened the last year:
I've been selected for the Ö1 Talentebörse , a platform of the radiostation Ö1, where young artists are presented with an online-portrait.
In April we had a great second Jazzwerkstatt in Graz, I've been part of the organisation team and also brought up the new project O LEBEN, LEBEN! - a performance with a dancer and 4 musicians, containing words by Rainer Maria Rilke.

In June 2008 the Jazzdepartment of the University Graz sent me to the 18th Convention of the International Association of Schools of Jazz in Riga, Latvia. It was a great experience, I met a lot of very nice people, talented musicians and our Ensemble turned out to be a great combination of musicians, we now plan to go further with our music.
Watch our myspace-site European Jazz Motion .

In July we had a couple of great gigs with MOSAIK and I was responsible for the musical instructions of the theatre performance PIONEER TM in Forum Stadtpark, Graz.

A very promising project turned out to be the new Pop-trio Afterglow .
With Valentin Czihak on Bass and Wolfgang Zamastil on guitars and vocals we recorded 4 songs in Berlin.
The song More Than You Can now has been nominated for the Projekt Pop! 2008, a foundation that supports Pop-Acts while presenting them on music excibitions all over the world.
Listen to our music on myspace Afterglow .

September 25th 07
I am very happy to announce that I gained the "Annual Scholarship for Music 2007" from the government of Salzburg. The award ceremony will take place in the Residenz Salzburg on November 21, 6 p.m., it is not open to the public.
You can read the final statement of the Jury (Petra Hinterholzer, Hannes Eichmann und Renald Deppe) on "recent press".

May 25th 07
„Ángela Tröndle & Mosaik“ Debut – Album „Dedication to a city“ OUT NOW !

listen and order“

April 3rd 2007
The last 2 months had been very fulfilling...
In the end of february I've been at Schloss Weinberg to record my debut-album with my band MOSAIK. The CD will be released in late May on cracked anegg records.
The CD-release party will be on June 13 where we play at Birdland Vienna (-> „live events“).

When March came the JazzWerkstatt in Vienna was knocking on my door.., and with that a very exciting and challenging time. I've been involved in 4 projects, singing, playing violin and composing (while two of the projects were my own).
I was very happy about the opportunity to take part so differntly and brought some new ideas home..

For those who know german: you can read more about my activities at this festival on
mica-seite orJazzzeit (3/2007)

Back to Graz the final preperation-work for the Jazzwerkstatt Graz was waiting for us because this time I was not only musically but also organizationally involved (as on of 5 members in the team).
But looking back we are very proud of this week, in every respect it was a big success.
In this spirit – have a wonderful spring!

!! CD-Release Party !!

13. Juni 07 - 20:00h
MOSAIK @ Birdland Wien,
Am Stadtpark 1, 1030 Wien